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and Balustrade Manufacturers

Stainless Steel Handrails

A stainless or brushed steel staircase is the ultimate in modern design. It provides functionality and style with long-lasting results in both residential and commercial situations. Steel handrails are also easy to clean and maintain due to the inherent durability of the material.

We are able to design, manufacture, install and repair any handrails, balustrades or staircases in Melbourne.

Combine with Balustrades for the Ultimate Effect

Steel handrails can be used in combination with metal, wood, glass or wire balustrade designs without compromising on strength, functionality or style. Use steel handrails to match any existing interior design, or set a new tone in your home or office through the choice of our different balustrades profile:

  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Square
  • Decorative

Quality Service

Our staff are trained in both technical and functional aspects of all our products so please contact us if you have any questions or queries on any staircase project. Stairs are our business, so we always ensure:

  • Accurate quotes working within budget
  • Compliance with necessary Building Codes of Australia (BCA)
  • Reliable and punctual delivery
  • Helpful advice on installation, maintenance and care
  • Ten-year product guarantee and warranty

So contact the Eric Jones Stairbuilding Group Melbourne and make a change in your home today.

Prevent the occurrence of a fatal staircase accident using top quality stainless steel handrails!

One of the main areas that you as a builder or an architect focus on are handrails. Handrails as you know play an important role in making your staircases safe to use. Since your hands grasp them as you climb up or down the stairs, it is essential that they provide an excellent level of support and stability to you.  Eric Jones Melbourne is your expert in providing you the best quality stainless steel handrails to make your staircases safer to use!

Our top quality stainless steel handrails are an ideal choice of handrails for both indoor and outdoor usage for both residential and commercial properties. Stainless steel being a durable and long-lasting material can serve you well as a material of choice for handrails.

We can help you come up with unique and exquisite stainless steel handrails designs that cannot just make your clients’ staircase appear contemporary and appealing, but also make it an aesthetic focal point in your homes and offices, reflecting true beauty and magnificence!

Our charming stainless steel handrails give staircases a chic look and also offer you the desired level of stability you seek. We can assist you incorporate your clients’ preferences into the design of your handrail, we make sure to stay mindful of the following considerations:

  • The height of your handrails should be low enough for you to be able to reach them easily but high enough to enable you to adopt an appropriate posture while climbing the stairs up or down;
  • The width of your handrails should be such that you get an easy, strong and comfortable grip otherwise the whole purpose of having handrails goes down the drain;
  • The design we come up is going to be such that it matches or compliments the existing décor and style of your home or office so that your staircase meshes well and does not seem like an out-of-place element;
  • Beauty and elegance are important however these factors are not more important than functionality. Never will our designs compromise upon the aspect of the functionality of your stainless steel handrails for the sake of achieving beauty.

Handrails are important components of your staircase – for minimizing the risks associated with staircases, make sure you get someone trustworthy like us to build you reliable and sturdy handrails. Call us at Eric Jones Melbourne for our reliable and high quality stainless steel handrails for staircases!