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Cantilevered Stair

Each step on a cantilevered stair built by us will feel to you as if you are walking on air!

Are you a trend setter or someone who follows fashion closely? Are you an architect If you want the latest in stairs then let us build you a staircase using the most modern idea in stair design – we bring to you the magnificent cantilevered stair!

Eric Jones Melbourne takes pride in keeping itself updated with the ‘what’s in’ and ‘what’s out’ and ‘what’s trending’ in the stair design and manufacturing business because we want to come up with the most modern and popular staircase design and manufacturing solutions for your clients that offer maximum functionality and also enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of their staircases.

The cantilevered stair is an example of modernism at extreme! Our elegant and mesmerizing staircase constructed with cantilevered stair can create an effect of a floating staircase – the beauty of which can be further enhanced by using lighting to create dramatic or soothing effects! A good design for both indoor and outdoor usage, a cantilevered staircase is visually appealing and can make any area look classy and sophisticated!

Since these stairs appear as if they are floating in the air, you may have a difficulty in trusting them to be safe for you. For some, this radical design may seem confusing and you may feel as if you will slip between the steps.

Therefore, while designing each of the cantilevered stair, we are careful in finalizing the design elements including the stair width and the distance between each cantilevered stair in order to make them safe for you. Moreover, by using stainless steel as construction material, we provide our clients sturdy and long lasting cantilevered stairs that they can enjoy for many years to come!

Sleek and slender, our cantilevered staircase is sure to capture the true essence of elegance and beauty, and make your home or office or your clients home or office appear far more sophisticated and intriguing. But off-course you need an expert like us at Eric Jones Melbourne to design and manufacture the best quality cantilevered staircase for you.

We operate with professionalism and make sure to follow the design preferences of our clients to the dot. We incorporate quality from the moment we pick up the pen for the very first time to note your requirements till we execute the final touches to each of your cantilevered stair. We stick to the timelines and the budget provided to us by you.

Geared up with the right kind of expertise to build each cantilevered stair with perfection, Eric Jones Melbourne is at your service! So make sure you place your order with the best in the market – just give us a call at Eric Jones Melbourne and we will be with you at our earliest!